Tax representation and direct identification for VAT in the EU

VAT registration in Belgium VAT registration in the EU VAT compliance in the EU VAT formalities Introduction of the VAT registration file within the Central Tax Authorities in Belgium (with VAT Representation or the appointment of agent or direct identification) Accounting reporting : handling of incoming and outgoing invoices of the Belgian operations, establishment of the purchases and sales ledgers, Completion and submission of periodic VAT returns Completion and filing of the intracommunity Listings Completion and filing of annual listing of customers subject to Belgian VAT Completion and submission of Intrastat declarations for intracommunity movements of goods (DEB in France) Our assistance to VAT inspections performed by the Belgian Tax Authorities Our assistance for the cancellation of your VAT number Belgian

VAT and customs audit

Audit comply VAT obligations Reveal discrepancies VAT, customs and taxes legislations audit clarify activity lead opportunities Opportunity internal auditing procedures Thorough VAT or customs audit


Assistance VAT formalities meet deadlines EU member States Ccompliance” Sales and purchases Ledgers Regular Tax returns Annual tax return European Sales Listing (for services and purchases) Log books depending on the Member State Foreign VAT refund for EU and none EU companies Intrastat retruns, DEB


VAT consultancy any VAT matter in your area of expertise; its formalities and implications Contract analyses purchasing or sales Sales new structure Thorough VAT or customs audit Needs tax audits Belgian Tax authorities (VAT, customs, taxes) Best solutions leading to tax optimization Assistance with respect to customs and excises duties

Our Services

National and International services Advices on VAT and customs in the widest sense VAT and customs compliance (filing VAT returns, PLDA, Intrastat, etc.) Assistance with tax audits (VAT and customs) Negotiations with VAT and customs authorities (rulings) VAT and customs audits Intra-company trainings on VAT and customs (on demand) VAT registration of foreign companies and VAT representation in Belgium VAT registration of Belgian companies abroad and VAT representation abroad VAT refunds within the EU

Our priority

to bring the best suitable solutions and a tailor-made assistance to companies ; to assist you rapidly and to be available for any urgent question ; to ensure a perfect knowledge of the legal texts and a narrow follow-up of the legislation's…

Our mission

Our mission is to advise and assist companies who must face with their VAT, customs and excises obligations and formalities. OmniVAT is therefore specialized in the field of these complex matters both on a national and international level. Companies…

About Us

Katia DELFIN DIAZ Owner of OmniVAT Consulting. Professional carreer Her VAT carrier began in the year 1993. Up to 2001, she developed her experience in VAT in different consultancy companies (better known as the 'Big 4') where she could…